Technical Support By Tele I Dial


We are having different modules in Tele I Dial they are Web Design, Domain Hosting and Cpanel Services. Based on the client problems we provide the technical support to clients.

Web Designing

If any case clients require the changes on the website our technical team handle the client requirements. We can Design everything from the sites to fully customized driven sites. Our specialties include all your requirements based on the clients.

Responsive Website Development Support

Based on any issue of your website performens on desktops, tablets and smart phones. We provide the technical support to your websites that work, and look great, across every platform.

Site Management

We support any types of changes in website like images, fonts, videos etc.,

Domain Hosting

In these domains and hosting service any server and domain bugs are acquired, our technical team fully handled those bugs. Our technical team will provide the renewal information related to host and domains based on the client's condition. If your website is showing any errors our technical team can handle the errors and our team retrieves the data from the host safely.

Eg: Host Problems

  • I uploaded my website, but I still see a “Coming Soon” page!
  • The changes to my website aren’t displaying!
  • My website was up, and now it’s down!
  • My website doesn’t display any of my images!
  • My website’s layout looks completely wrong! Etc.,

Cpanel Services:

Our Team provides the all kinds of support based on a Cpanel problem like PHP-FPM service for Cpanel Daemons, cPanel gray listing Daemon, Cron Daemon, Exim Mail Server and FTP Server etc., problems.